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Bed & Books

Scope of works

Logo & Brand Identity

The needs

Having a business or a brand without a logo & brand identity is just like having chocolate without cocoa. The logo brings the brand to the next level, not only in its reputation but also in its niche. Similarly, brand identity is indispensable in order to differentiate it among the others. Both these things designed professionally conveys the idea of the brand as well as allows the company to communicate with its consumers.

About Beds & Books


Beds & Books, as the name suggests is a company that delivers the spirit of reading to the readers along with a balanced life to stayers. The company is basically a homestay that features a great collection of books for all the reading freaks out there. This place was designed by the owner while keeping in mind the peace, elegance, and simplicity of the audience who want to fleece from the hustle & bustle of a big city of Vietnam – Saigon



Since the place is located within a vibrant city of Vietnam, the owner decorated the place to be peaceful, minimalist and simple in style. Considering this, I was expected to design a logo and brand identity that brings a sense of satisfaction for the audience who loves to read and live in a peaceful yet elegant place.


About The Project


Regarding this, I worked out on a color scheming that looks just fine with the place and its elegance. Black – a trademark of elegance was added within a logo along with the touch of naked and grey, that simply adorns and neutralizes the color.

“Beds” in the logo was written in a tone of grey, while “Books” was written in the black color. The background of the logo was turned into the “Naked” color that highlights the text atop. The logo is designed with elegant style and simple elements of a book and a bed board which bring the comforts to guests.

In addition to that, the brand identity was kept trivial juts like the logo of the company. The coffee mugs were designed with a simple logo and a heart. Complimentary cards were designed elegantly with the typography font, while cushions were designed in such a way that brings peace and comfort for the people seeking, exactly the same.