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Trifold Brochure

The needs

Marketing is the key to any business’ success. Although we live in a digital era, still, printing marketing has its own perks. And within the printing marketing, trifold brochures are undeniably useful. Since you can include a fair amount of information in a relatively small space, they actually give you the bang for your buck. In addition to that, the trifold brochures are completely portable, convenient, and perfect to tell your story and oh, they are versatile as well.

About Birth Choice


Birth Choice is a non-profit, care center and a mobile clinic that supports women who are facing an unplanned pregnancy. The company provides the much-needed support, nurture, love and care to all the mom-to-be-s in a most confidential and compassionate environment. 



Regarding this, Birth Choice wanted me to create a tri-fold brochure that not only promotes their business but also support women empowerment in the most important phase of their life – pregnancy. Therefore, I was expected to create a triple sided brochure that embraces the logo of the company while supporting the theme and concept of the company. 

The client needed me to add all the valuable information regarding the company and promote the services that support young people for the proper and thoroughly planned pregnancy duration and the total care of the baby.

About The Project


Focusing on all the requirements and details from the client, I tried to put all my efforts into this brochure. I observed the color scheming and the idea of the company’s logo and chose visuals that suited the content and concept of the company. I also retouched the colors of the visuals that complement the logo of the company. 

On the front-facing side of the brochure, I selected a visual of a pregnant woman who is enjoying the view of a beach, showing content and worry-free pregnancy and upcoming birth. This visual gives the idea of a pre-planned roadmap of how this organization “empowers the educated choice”. 

The middle inner part of the brochure pinpoints the information of the services being provided by the Birth Choice with another cute picture of a mother breastfeeding her baby. This picture also complements the whole theme and colors of the brochure, while keeping it discreet.