Eat with

Company name


Scope of works

Logo, Name card, Instagram Story

The needs

The digital era needs an online presence, especially on social media. After getting your brand’s perfect logo, website, it is really important to make your brand socially active. That is where the Instagram stories come to rescue.

About Eatwith


Eatwith is a contemporary waffle boutique that targets students, socialites as well as the office workers who crave for waffles after their long working sessions. The restaurant deals with a variety of waffle types along with the customized toppings, “Just the way You Like”. The restaurant is pretty much new and comes with a really elegant set up that cries for selfies in every corner. 




Since the restaurant is a sort of new and needed everything that could boast of its services and elegance, so I was asked to curate a logo, name card along with the Instagram stories. It was mentioned that the restaurant opted for a contemporary décor with a pastel mint hues, so I was also expected to create a logo and all the design elements that complement the color, décor, and elegance of the restaurant. 

About The Project


With the element of waffle and the color scheming of the place, I preferred going with the logo that is sophisticated, eye-catching and graceful. Since the restaurant features white bricky wall with the wooden furniture and green-blue hanging lights, I went with black typography atop a white background and a waffle element besides it. 

I kept the “Waffle” in the minty green yet pastel color that highlights the theme of the restaurant. The rounded logo has an “Eatwith” in a center that has been surrounded by the “Waffle House” and “Just the Way You Like It” beneath and above, respectfully. 

The name card has been designed with a similar logo over a pastel-hued background that is tied with the menu using a rope string while restoring the elegance of the restaurant. 

As far as the Instagram stories of the restaurant are concerned, I got them pretty colorful that opted the pictures of the restaurant’s very own waffles and other food items. The stories were required to be mentioned with the promotions so I added them using the signature color of the “Waffle” house in the background with a white & black font over it.