Company name


Scope of works

Brand identity, package design

The needs

Whether it is a startup or an established company, the need for a logo, leaflet, and packaging design is unquestionable. Having these elements designed professionally will not only give your brand a boost but also it will provide recognition and a sense of professional image to the consumers.



FARMIO is a company that promotes healthy and balanced living through its organic soil for a home farm. With the increased trends of inorganic plants and processed foods in this digital world, FARMIO promises to provide you the best organic soil that will help you to create your own home garden, while allowing you to go green. This will enable healthy living seekers, vegetarians, and even vegans to grow their healthy fruits and vegetables that are free from toxins and harmful chemicals.

The Fonts & The Color Scheming


The font of the logo was kept minimalist that adorns the beauty of the green leaf on the background. “FARMIO” on the logo was divided into “FARM” that was given a fresh green color to show the green nature, while the “IO” is kept brown that indicates the color of the soil. As far as the packaging design is concerned, it contains a pop of green color on the surrounded background of brown with some fresh green vegetables on the bottom. This, altogether, adds a spark to the packaging that makes it intriguing and eye-catching.

Since the company is close to nature and promotes natural green living, the design I prepared for this client was fresh, green and close to nature. With the element of fresh leaf, brown soil and greens, I designed the logo, leaflet, and package design to be really inspiring, breathtaking while keeping it elegant. The tagline of the company was also being added within the logo that promotes the true meaning and the purpose of this company.