Genesis Learning Center

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Genesis Early Learning Center

Scope of works

Responsive website

The needs

Regardless to say, people, more precisely consumers, take only about 0.05 seconds to form an opinion about your website design. This, in turn, allows them to form an opinion about your brand and your products. That is the reason you need to have a professionally designed responsive website as well if you want to take your business to the next level.

About Genesis Early Learning Center


Who said, “Education always have to be boring”? Genesis Learning Center, with the motto of “Where kids gather, giggle & grow”, is an education program that focuses on your child’s education in a playful manner. The company works with the aim of providing the young generation with high quality, cultural-based education programs that are productive and yet full of fun in nature. This learning center offers three services for the children including the childcare, pre-school and kindergarten, making it ideal for the young parents who are looking for a trusted partner to look after their children.



Since this company deals with the children, education and their nurturing environment, I was needed to build a website design that is colorful, fun-packed and yet minimalist. The client wanted to have a visual design that demonstrates the process of learning but that, in a playful and healthy environment. Moreover, since the target audience is young parents and couples who need a positive environment for their children to grow and learn, so creating a design was not less than a challenge for me.

About the project


After giving these requirements, a strong brainstorming, I ended up with the visual of two cute children who are happy to learn and discover new things with the paint colors on their hands. This idea not only enhances the layout for the website but suits the whole children education thing effortlessly. It also fulfills the client’s requirement of a colorful yet subtle design that is my top-most priority. The pull-up banners required to be highlighting the services of this learning center. Since there are three services the center is offering, so I put up the related visualization for each section, while keeping it colorful, playful and elusive. The flyers were also designed with a similar theme in mind, but with Motto written on the bottom. This customized the whole idea and made the overall project catchy, inspiring and head-turning.