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Booklet design

The needs

Brochures are one of the most common and popular approaches in print media. It not only gives the brand its voice but also helps to hold lots of information about the company, as well as about their services. They are cost-effective and can attract the targeted audience without much effort.

About PlayX


As the name suggests, PlayX is a tech-focused company that deals primarily in game publishing. The company works on the motive of “Entertaining and Empowering” people that ultimately leads to happier and healthier lives. With this being said, this one is an Asia-based vibrant company with great people.




So the company decided to get a professionally designed brochure that is appealing as well as works best for its purpose – that is introducing its products and services to the customers. The client wanted the visuals to be professional that basically focuses on the Asian landscape, as well as people. The client also wanted the brochure to be centered on powerful composition, in order to make it well-structured, easy to read, yet making it interesting and head-turning.

About the project


Regarding all the deets given and considering all the requirements of the client and company, I used the elements, visuals, and design that feels like tech-focused. Since the company deals in Asia with gaming and all the stuff, so I created a brochure that accents on the very similar essentials. The design style is simple, elegant and minimalist, as per the preferences of the client. The color scheming in the brochure was kept identical to that of the logo – Black and Blue. In addition to that, I added some fun elements and vibrant colors in the design as well that highlights the fun vibe the gaming industry is used to offer. I also kept the font modest that gives a digital feeling on which the company is based on. Since creativity and innovation are the most anticipated features of PlayX, the company expected the brochure to be the same. I ended up with an appealing brochure that provides adorable visuals and readable content.