Stretch creative

Company name

Stretch creative

Scope of works

Website redesign

The needs

Stretch Creative believes passion, perception, and craft are closely intertwined. The company promotes a culture of creativity. It wishes to produce the best results by including absolute transparency in its process. It believes in collaboration. So, it built a landscape that encourages its stakeholders to nurture meaningful relationships. The company wanted to showcase this belief and style on its website too. With bold statements and attractive visuals, the website for Stretch Creative came together.


The client wanted me to create a platform that helps visitors know them better. This aligned with their values. They shared their concept and I put it to fruition.The landing page needed to capture the attention of the audience immediately. So, I made use of bright, vivid eye-catchy colors along with bold texts. The website had to be user-friendly. Every section had a smooth transition, and all the contents were presented in a sleek manner. The result was a modern website with striking proclamations.

The website was built to sell their story. It was meant to garner the trust of the visitors. That is why every activity of the brand was shared in detail.

Stretch Creative works with a different approach.

The brand believes in empowering its creatives. This was highlighted all over the website. It tries to foster a positive mindset in the working environment. This was brought to attention too.

Visual language is weaved into the company’s work. The website uses a combination of jolly colors to entice customers and employees. I also used one font consistently. To place emphasis, I simply worked around the font size. The company wishes to show that it is the best in its line. That is reflected in this virtual experience. The services and blog articles come with beautiful captures too. I wanted to show that the brand can engage with lucrative content too!  

I wanted to do something different with this color scheme. You needed to see confidence exuding from this website. So, I picked a combination of unique but fun colors. The lime green referred to the high energy this company operates in. The azure meant to show stability and dependability. The tiered content and transitions blended perfectly with this combination.

Stretch Creative aims to design content that highlights your breath of talent. This is why its services deserved to be accentuated strikingly. The services section on this website describes the activities in an easy, understandable manner.


All their work delivers your solicited outcome. The color scheme shows the brand’s versatility. It has a dedicated section on the landing page for its partners. It shows how well-rounded the experience is considering the wide range of clientele.

Stretch Creative is for everyone. It wants to build sustainable relationships with not only the customers but the team too. This section highlights its team of experts. You can also find what the core beliefs of the brand are. That transitions into the job openings.

What better way to highlight the visual language than a blog? The website also dedicates a space for Stretch Creative’s blog. It has multiple segments including culture, content marketing, and creative dojo.