Company name

Scope of works

Responsive Website design

The needs

Thrive needed a powerful platform to showcase their services as well as offer users of varying backgrounds the opportunity to make extra income by trading forex pairs and learning at the same time. The website developed and launched flaunts Trustpilot’s review of the firm which is what every visitor gets to see first to ensure trust in the firm and its platform. The website also has a very simple yet appealing user interface and high quality infographics and with great consistent aesthetics.

ABOUT the project

The Thrive Forex Trading Platform is a platform that provides users with a powerful platform for trading and also for learning whilst researching more information about trading and their website is a beautiful and astonishing easy-to-use one that allows users access intuitive and simple interface and the solid customer support team, to ease interested persons navigation into the complex investing world. It also provides specialized educational content for beginners like its Robin copy trader.

The website has a captivating outlook for an homepage as it not just draws in the attention of anyone who happens to stumble upon the platform but keeps them in with its astonishingly simple yet sophisticated layout which provides everything from Signals section to Testimonials sections that shares inspiring success stories to ensure every visitor makes a decision to sign up and get started with the firm.

Given that forex trading involves the conversion of one currency into another; and with an estimated daily trading volume of $5 trillion, it is one of the most actively traded markets in the world, and as such enough to convince any potential trader to get started with Thrive. Also, featuring the Trustpilot rating for Thrive in the homepage is step in the right direction of convincing all and sundry, especially Forex trading prospects to get started on their life-changing journey first with learning Forex trading from Thrive till they can start trading on their own either by the use of Robin Copy trader, a function of Thrive or simply handling their trades personally, only after having passed through the learning process at Thrive.

The “Subscribe” button on the homepage is not only “sexy” but alluring as it is designed in such an irresistible way that would make anyone give the platform a trial especially with their unbelievable “Thrive + Robin” free affiliate deal.

The most crucial criteria, which every home page must conform to has been adapted with and more as the website’s homepage has the following:

The website has a somewhat “convincing” outlook that would obviously educate any Forex enthusiast to want to engage in the purchasing and selling currencies to make a profit as this website would as well serve investors, institutions, banks, and traders as a great forum for knowledge-sharing. In as much as trading on the Forex market profitably, is far from straightforward, the website’s visitors and Forex enthusiasts would want to seek Thrive’s help to ensure that the high risks of trading are reduced as they use the industry experts required to ensure that the specifications of all client are met on time.